New Year $50 OFF Sale 1-on-1 Membership

In this $200/Month Discounted Membership Subscription you will receive: 

  • 31 days (1 Full Month) of Daily monitoring by me
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  • 1 Personalized Meal plan Blueprint featuring Meat based and Vegetarian diets
  • Tailored Macros to fit your Physique
  • My Blueprint Workout included as a Sign Up Bonus
  • 2 optional Face Time Video Chat Session Each Month to go over your nutrition and workouts
  • Learn muscle building with supplements list
  • Subscriber only Guided Bulking phase (optional)
  • My Personal Phone Number for Members Only. You’ll have 24 hour access to me. Questions will be answered by text.
  • Secrets on cutting cravings and building muscle quickly
  • You can cancel anytime on your own or feel free to contact us.